“Can you win a seat in the United States Senate by driving around in a minivan, strumming a guitar and singing about the evils of money in politics?”

That’s the opening line of a Huffington Post piece about an insurgent Democrat whose bolt-from-the-blue campaign for U.S. Senate is now the hottest race in the country and could be the tipping point that saves the Senate from GOP control. 

Wait, what? Some dude driving a people-powered minivan around the back roads of South Dakota is about to shock the world? 


Yep. And get a load of this semi-viral music video he just released. 

Yes, MUSIC VIDEO. Once you see it, you won’t be able to get his catchy chorus out of your head (like Rachel Maddow was a few days ago). 


Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America 


More reasons to vote, from Laverne Cox.
Photo from http://ourtimeorg.tumblr.com/

More reasons to vote, from Laverne Cox.

Photo from http://ourtimeorg.tumblr.com/


A message from Charles Erwin and VoteVets.org :

I depend on VA care after exposure to Agent Orange during my service in Vietnam. 

So, as a Kentuckian, I was disappointed with my Senator, Mitch McConnell, for his role in blocking improvements to veterans’ health care during a time of crisis earlier this year. 

And when VoteVets asked me to share my story in a television ad set to air across Kentucky starting today, I immediately agreed. 

Watch and share it with friends…

After 30 years in Washington, Mitch McConnell’s gotta go. 

Charles Erwin 
Vietnam Veteran 


(Wednesday) the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in favor of HB 1170, a bill to abolish the death penalty, by a vote of 225-104.

The New Hampshire legislature passed repeal measures two other times—in 2000 when it passed in both chambers but was vetoed by the governor, and in 2009 when it was passed in the House but failed to get support in the Senate. We’re hopeful that the third time is the charm! […]

Anita Grabowski
Communications Director
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

PS-The bill will now go on to the Senate for consideration. If you live in New Hampshire, please contact your Senator now to express your support for repeal! If you live elsewhere but have friends or family in New Hampshire, please share this message with them as well.




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