“"Republicans nationwide have abandoned any consideration of offering an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, figuring that their complaints about President Obama’s selective implementation of the law, and lingering unease about the legislation itself, will be enough to motivate conservative voters in November. But as O’Neal points out, this political calculation has a moral flaw.
“If the governor and the legislature don’t want to accept Medicaid expansion, they need to come up with another program to assure that rural hospitals don’t close,” the 45-year-old mayor said. Otherwise, he continued, “they’re allowing people to die to prove a point. That is wrong, and I’m not going to be a party to that.”
O’Neal is no fan of Obamacare, but during his journey, he sent a letter to Obama asking for a meeting. “I am a conservative Republican and I understand some of the suspicions political leaders in my party have,” he wrote. “But those concerns do not trump the need to maintain health services in struggling communities. Rural citizens dying should not be soldiers of the South’s defiance to the new health care law.””

North Carolina Republicans Put Ideology Above Lives by Dana Milbeck (via The Washington Post)

More info about the North Carolina mayor mentioned above, from the same article linked above, that gives more context to his comments, and how Republican opposition to Medicaid expansion is literally killing Americans:

On July 1, the hospital in rural Belhaven, N.C., closed — a victim, in part, of the decision by the state’s governor and legislature to reject the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare.

Six days later, 48-year-old Portia Gibbs, a local resident, had a heart attack. The medevac to take her to the next-nearest hospital (as many as 84 miles away, depending on where you live) didn’t get there in time.

“She spent the last hour of her life in a parking lot at a high school waiting for a helicopter,” Belhaven’s mayor, Adam O’Neal, said outside the U.S. Capitol on Monday, holding a framed photograph of Gibbs.

A week after Gibbs’s death, O’Neal began a 15-day, 273-mile walk to Washington to draw attention to the outrage in Belhaven, which he blames on the combination of an “immoral” hospital operator and the failure of Republican leaders in his state to accept the new Medicaid funding the hospital needed to stay afloat.

What makes the mayor’s journey all the more compelling is he’s a white Southerner and a Republican officeholder who has conservative views on abortion, taxes, guns — “you name it,” he told me. But ideology and party loyalty have limits. “I’m a pretty conservative guy, but this is a matter of people dying,” he said.

Here’s a glaring reminder of how extreme the current leaders of the Republican Party are. There’s even Republicans walking long distances to bring attention to what happens if Medicaid isn’t expanding to the fringe leaders of the party ignoring the plight of millions of people in their respective states, and deciding to play political death with backing a lawsuit of President Obama over executive orders (of which FDR issued over 3,000). 

Americans, the GOP cares more about petty political games and fetuses than they do with living, breathing, born children & adults. If the GOP doesn’t expand Medicaid, doesn’t pass immigration reform, and also doesn’t stop trying to repeal or sue over Obamacare, they will lose, majorly, in 2014, and in 2016. So far, my political predictions haven’t been wrong. Let’s hope they don’t start being wrong. 

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100% wrong, never in doubt.


100% wrong, never in doubt.

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“Current law prohibits abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy unless the mother’s life is at risk. The new law (house Bill 1047)will require woman to have a doctor determine whether a fetus is viable before having an abortion and bans an abortion unless the doctor can certify in writing that an abortion is necessary to save the mother’s life or physical health.”

Governor Rick Scott signs late-term abortion bill - http://www.news4jax.com/politics/florida-gov-scott-signs-late-term-abortion-bill/26478546

Florida’s governor has signed a bill that seriously endangers pregnant people across the state into law. 

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Since the definition of Terrorism is up in the Air and all


1.the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.
2. [common understanding] Actions taken by organized groups with the aim of creating fear of random or specific violence against a particular political subset of citizens.

Let’s just spell it out:


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