Whenever I read the news, I think this is a good idea.



Whenever I read the news, I think this is a good idea.


When they took away the right to vote



When they took away the right to vote of former felons, I said nothing.

They didn’t mention that these people had served their time and were only trying to return to society as good law-abiding citizens. It wasn’t my vote that was being suppressed so I said nothing.

When they claimed there wasn’t time to recount all the votes so the Supreme Court would select a president, I did nothing.

The media told us that despite the other guy receiving more votes we should just accept that he lost the case 5 to 4 and we needed move along, “nothing to see here”. What’s the worst that could happen?

When they decided that my voice was only a loud as my bank account could make it, I said something but it was drowned out by a billionaire’s smear campaign.

They said “money equals speech” and overturned 150 years of established law. They told us not to worry,  we’d find out who was buying this election - six months after the election was over. And, hey, “some say” that guy is a socialistleftistcommunist who’s too cool to be president.

When they replaced elected officials with “special managers”, reneged on contracts, dissolved city government and sold off city assets to corporate interests, I said nothing.

When they came for the voting rights of poor working people, people of color and elderly people who don’t vote for their candidates I stood up and said something. Unfortunately with the unregulated din of superPAC ads and their noise machine it might not make a difference, unless you join in and speak out too. 

If they haven’t come for your right to vote, understand that based on their past performance they haven’t come for your right to vote YET.

Speak out now, while there’s still enough of us to make a difference. 


“My guest tonight is Al Gore—unless the Supreme Court decides it’s someone else.” Stephen Colbert (via crookedsin)

(Source: viverobespierre, via reagan-was-a-horrible-president)

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