"Uncertainty" Is GOP’s Biggest Export


Steve Benen:

“In 2009 and 2010, the single most common Republican talking point on economic policy included the word ‘uncertainty.’ It was a dumb talking point borne of necessity — Republicans struggled to think of a way to blame Obama for a crisis that began long before the president took office.

Mysteriously, early in 2011, the ‘economic uncertainty’ pitch slowly faded away….

I have a hunch we know why: Republicans decided to govern through a series of self-imposed crises that have created more deliberate economic uncertainty than any conditions seen in the United States in recent memory…. Looking back over the last … 22 months — Republicans have made three shutdown threats, forced two debt-ceiling standoffs, pushed the country towards a fiscal cliff, refused to compromise on a sequester, and have lined up even more related fiscal fights in the months ahead.”

The GOP create the crises. Rather than govern with policies for 20 years into the future, the “what’s the least we can do” Republicans in Congress willfully and proudly want month-by-month uncertainty.

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